Top Camping Tips

Posted : Wednesday 3rd April 2013

Write down a menu of all the dishes you intend to cook in the camping trip.

Prepare ingredients at home. Measure them and put them in resealable plastic bags with labels so that you don’t spend all day cooking.

Half-cook meat, poultry of fish at home.

Rely on dependable camping stoves. You don’t want your grand cooking endeavor be ruined by a stove that wouldn’t lit up.

Don’t forget to bring a grate if you plan to grill.

Bring extra matches and keep them dry by putting in waterproof containers like film canisters.

Be flexible in your menu. Don’t wail or send your family to the next town to get you a green onion for your dish.

Bring small amounts of seasonings, condiments, and other food supplies to save packing space.

It is better to use block ice in your ice chest because it lasts much longer than cube or tube ice.

Rub the bottoms of pots and pans with dishwashing soap before cooking.

Pocket knives come in handy during camp cooking.

Don’t forget to bring a heavy duty aluminum foil and a couple of ziplock bags.

Cover pots and pans during cooking so the meals will get done faster and to save fuel.

Apply a little cooking oil on your camp grill so that food will not stick on it.

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